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Better Together
Thursday 26th October, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Better Together

Friendship is a loving, colourful, magical mess! Follow the story of three delightful clowns, Tropizo, Doa and Squiggle, on their journey towards becoming the best of friends. But how do you make real friends in a modern world?

Watch the Clowns tumble, laugh, play and get messy as they overcome their differences and learn the strength of acceptance and togetherness.

Better Together confronts the potential anti-social effects of a technological world, as the Clowns fight back with slapstick, acrobatics, and jelly! With visual comedy and nonsensical language, this is a show for the whole family.

An artful, intelligent and hilarious piece. Come along and learn how three red noses are better than one!

‘A little hidden gem of a show.’ ★★★★★ Remotegoat

‘Of all the children’s show I saw at this year’s fringe I found this one the most original and the funniest, and my 4 year-old son felt the same.’ Voice Magazine, Brighton Fringe Festival

Ages 4+

Thursday 26 October, 1pm & 3pm

£7 / £24 family ticket
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