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Chester Tuffnut
Saturday 11th March, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Chester Tuffnut

Chester Tuffnut isn’t an ordinary treemole, Chester likes wearing jumpers and sitting in his armchair, but most of all he loves adventure!

The curious creatures in Woodland have gone so long without excitement, they’ve forgotten how to have fun. Luckily, Chester is on hand to bring happiness and laughter back to his new Woodland friends.

Told with puppets, original music and imaginative antics, this show is full of humour, thrills, spills, near misses and great escapes. This is a story about discovering new places and making friends, while encouraging everyone to have at least one adventure a day.

You can have your very own adventure with the chance to stay, meet the Woodland creatures and explore their dens after the show.

Watch the trailer here:

Ages 2+
Saturday 11 March, 1pm & 3pm.

£7 / £24 Family Ticket
020 8692 4446      
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